It's about pictures, people. Your iPhone comes with a bunch of options for your background image or "wallpaper" but you can also use your own photos.

There are two places to house wallpaper:
1. Lock Screen
2. Home Screen

The "Lock Screen" (above) is what you see when your phone is at rest - you're not using it, it's locked, and in order to access anything you need to enter your passcode.

The "Home Screen" (above) is what you see after you've typed in your passcode. This is where all the goodies are kept (programs, apps, etc.) and you will probably have multiple pages the more you use your phone and discover awesome apps.

You'll notice in the images above that I currently have the same wallpaper on each. I'm also using an image from the library that came with my phone. But since we're having a good time personalizing our phones together, let's change it.

First, find that handy "Settings" button and give it a tap.

Next, tap on "Wallpaper".

On the next page you'll see what your "Lock Screen" and "Home Screen" both look like (below).

If you're happy with what you see, leave it. If, like me, you want to change it up tap on the little arrow to the right. Onthe next page you'll see two options: "Wallpaper" and "Camera Roll".

Here's the fun part. You can tap on "Wallpaper" to see what Apple has in store for you, and there are plenty of pleasant options there. Make sure you scroll down to check them all out.

If you have taken pictures or have photos in your "Camera Roll", you can tap on that to select an image from your personal library. I took a picture of roses in my dad's garden last Spring and feel it's the perfect image for the season.

When you select your own image, you can move and scale it so that you get exactly what you want. Tap "Set" once you've finished.

You'll be prompted to decide if you want to use the image for your "Lock Screen", "Home Screen" or both. I am using the rose image for both, but the choice is yours. There's no rule here so you can use an Apple image for the "Lock Screen" and personal one for your "Home Screen" or vice versa. Play around with it to see what you like best.

When you've mastered your own personal art of wallpapering your phone, you're done. You can hit the home button and check out your screen.

Here are my finished products, what do you think?

Doesn't the phone look so much more like me now? I like to think so.

Images courtesy of Kate Holt.