You might already know David Robinson and Sol Lipman from AOL's Mobile team. You might be familiar with this duo from watching their YouTube videos or because you met them at CES, the Crunchies, Web 2.0 or any other major tech event. However, your memory of meeting them in person might be hazy thanks to all that whiskey they kept bringing you. In fact, you might have their number in your cell phone but, again, with the aforementioned whiskey, you can't remember. And if you haven't met them yet (and you're sure you're sure), fear not, these guys want to know you and will soon become part of your mobile life.

You see, David Robinson and Sol Lipman aren't just leaders on AOL's Mobile Team - they are experts in the Mobile World. They walk, talk, breathe and bleed All Things App and they want to share their knowledge with you.

They'll be here to answer all of your device, app and industry questions. They will offer tips and tricks to maximize your mobile experience. Most importantly, they can tell you exactly which apps your teenager should not be using and which ones are safe for your five year old. They can provide all this information not just because they're badasses in the tech world and speak Mobile so fluently you'd think it's their first language but because at the end of the day they're just dudes with wives and families who use their phones and tablets to enhance their lives. I know it might not seem true at first but rest assured, D-Rob and Sol are just like us.

Send them your questions and ask them about your device - just click on the "Submit A Question For D-Rob and Sol" button. Then check back here for answers to your questions, episodes of the D-Rob and Sol Show and to discover more about Mobile through the eyes of the experts.