There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of iPad calculator apps available. Some are rather ordinary while others are truly unique. We find the best calculator apps out there and compare them in this AppGuide.
Essential Apps
  • Calcbot - The Intelligent Calculator
    CalcBot is the most polished calculator app in the App Store. Even the audio is well thought out and makes you feel like you are operating an old school calculator. The live history feature is very useful. You can easily look up previous calculations. The calculations also display what you just entered, which help you not enter the same number twice. CalcBot is the essential calculator app for the iPad.
Notable Apps
  • Digits Calculator for iPad + iPhone
    Digits Calculator is much more than a simple calculator. It is a more of a calculating tape that can be edited and refined as you do your math. The tape allows you to go back and change numbers. Another amazing feature is the ability to label your entries, which makes it great for remembering what that number is for. Multiple tapes are supported in the app, which help you carry out multiple calculations. Digits Calculator lacks the nice polishes of CalcBot. We love this app and believe in a future update it could become the essential app.
  • CalculatorHD
    Deveyes Group S.r.l.
    Calculator HD - CalcPad right now is a free app. The app is better than many of the paid options out there. The memo pad is one of the great features of CalcPad. You are able to jot down notes and save past calculations. It is a joy to use this app. CalcPad is an app you will want to check out.
  • Calculator HD for iPad
    Calculator HD for iPad is another fantastic app for the iPad. The calculator app features basic, scientific, note, and tape calculators. We love the interface and design of the app. The note calculator is especially handy, as is the tape calculator. For those looking for a tape calculator we would recommend Digits Calculator. Those looking for a single app with four great calculators should grab this one.
Decent Apps
  • CalculatorBox HD
    SaleCalc Software
    CalculatorBox HD packs in four different calculators. The developers have included standard, scientific, programmer, and statistics calculators. You can use them in both landscape or portrait modes. CalculatorBox is a nice app that deserves a look.
  • Calculator XL
    Luke Campbell
    Calculator XL is a great free option. Those with poor eyesight will want to use this one. The numbers are nice and large. The buttons are big and easy to use. Calculator XL is the app to have for those with poor vision or those that just want a huge calculator.
  • Stone Tablet Calculator
    DeeDub Software LLC
    Stone Tablet Calc is a fun little app. We would not recommend using this as your main calculator app. The developers have designed an app to look like a stone tablet. It is a fun and unique design, but not the best of the bunch, functionally.
Other Apps