Essential Apps
  • Doodle Jump
    Lima Sky
    Doodle Jump is one of the very first doodle games for the iPhone. The game also showcases the uniqueness and why doodle graphics are required for some games. In Doodle Jump you simply jump from platform to platform until you fall. There are multiple theme variations to make replay even more addictive. Newly added to the game is Doodle Jump races over Game Center. Doodle graphics play into the very heart of this game. You can fall through a hole in the paper. The game itself would simply not be nearly as enjoyable if it was done in a non-doodle style.
Notable Apps
  • JellyCar 3
    JellyCar 3 follows after two fantastic iOS titles by the same name. JellyCar 3 is a game where you drive in a world of paper illustrations. The atmosphere and gravity levels reflect this fun paper world. Also, the car can change sizes with a tap of the finger, because this is, after all, a land of illustrations. Joy and cheer come to mind when you play this lighthearted game. It's difficult to explain the appeal of driving a gelatinous car, but it IS fun. Doodling is what is at the heart of this app and it makes it something truly unique.
  • Parachute Panic HD
    FDG Entertainment
    Parachute Panic HD is another doodling classic. Your goal is to save parachuters from the dangerous waters below. The fit and finish of this app make it stand out above many of the others out there. The Doodle Jump character also makes a special appearance in this game. The control scheme is very natural and makes for a fun gaming experience. Parachute Panic HD is a fun polished doodling game that should make its way onto your iDevice.
  • Doodle Kart - Game Center Multiplay
    Doodle Kart - Multiplay takes the concept of doodling and runs with it. There are tons of papery elements included. These include things like protractors, paper holes, and many more. You can race in 25 different tracks and in five different environments. There is an option for AI opponents or you can race against your friends over Bluetooth. Doodle Kart is a great addition to any doodling folder because of its fit and finish, fun gameplay, and low price point.
Decent Apps
  • Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia
    Chad Towns
    Doodle Army 2 is a close to free option. The app is free, but to unlock the "pro" features you will need to dish out $0.99 for the in-app purchase. Doodle Army 2 allows you to fight up to four people over Game Center or on your local network. You can also train in survival or training modes when not engaging in multiplayer combat. The controls and interface are fantastic. The doodle aspect is not as important in this game. The graphics are not even what we would consider hard-core doodle style, but rather more of a cartoon style. The app earns its decent rating because it is not a true doodle app, but still a good one to check out.
  • A Doodle Fly - Fly to Mars
    A Doodle Fly - Fly to Mars is a pure doodle style game that does not disappoint. The game is an addictive one that can be a time drain if you are not careful. Your goal is to fly as far as possible with the aid of different things such as umbrellas for help. There are some non-doodle graphics included, but the majority of the app is a true doodle app. We would recommend this one more for kids rather than adults. A Doodle Fly is a nice app to pick up, but not essential.
Other Apps