• Evernote
    From the casual cook to the most advanced, Evernote will keep your recipes and shopping lists in order, all while syncing said data to your desktop or laptop computer. And, since everything in Evernote is searchable, you can easily find any recipe you're looking for. It's simple and effective.
  • Paprika Recipe Manager for iPhone - Get your recipes organized!
    Hindsight Labs LLC
    If you're looking for a more fine-tuned recipe manager--and one of the finest app icons ever designed--Paprika is your answer. With this app, you can grab recipes from the internet and instantly save them in a special, built-in "recipe format." Not only is Paprika gorgeous to look at, the included meal planner and shopping list function will save you time and energy when preparing that Sunday dinner.
  • Grocery iQ
    Before you head to the store, craft a perfect grocery list with Grocery IQ. The app is free and universal, and you can create and edit your list online from any computer. With features like barcode scanning, list sharing, and integrated coupons, you'll shop smarter (and cheaper!) than ever.
  • Fooducate
    Fooducate, Ltd.
    Staying healthy by choosing the right things to eat isn't always easy. With Fooducate, you can easily scan your food at the market to choose only the healthiest of items. The app gives you all the nutritional information you need to stay on track, while its cornucopia of healthy options pushes you in the right direction.
  • Harvest - Select the Best Produce
    Sean Murphy
    Speaking of "healthy," when you're out buying produce, do you ever wonder which fruit or veggie to pick? Which ones are ripe and which ones are rotten? Good thing it's Harvest time! Here, you'll find many tips on picking the perfect produce for any season.
  • Drinkspiration By Absolut
    What kind of chef would you be without mixing the perfect cocktail to complement your task? Drinkspiration provides visual, step-by-step directions for crafting the beverage of your choice. Get drink recommendations or simply search the database to quickly learn how to mix any cocktail. You can even see what drinks are popular in your area and around the world! I'll have a Foghorn. (I think I already mentioned that...)
  • Kitchen Calculator PRO
    Forward Leap, LLC
    If you cook, you'll always need to measure your ingredients. At least, if you cook well, you will. But don't worry about struggling with serving conversions and all that pesky math. Scale and convert recipes (up or down) in a flash with this essential app. Never make too much food again. (Of course, that's not a problem in my household. Too little food, on the other hand...)
  • Smart Chef Substitutions
    Rantek Inc.
    Oh, no! You forgot to get eggs at the grocery store, and you don't have enough for this recipe. Smart chefs turn to Smart Chef Substitutions, and you should, too. This handy app can save you tons of frustration. Just type in the quantity of the ingredient you need, and you'll get other options that should work (almost) just as well. No more last-minute shopping when there's food to be made!
  • Alarmed ~ Reminders, Timers, Alarm Clock
    It's time to get everything packed in the oven and hot on the stove. Hosting a party? If so, you're probably in the middle of making several courses, and chances are you're having to time each and every one. This app keeps all of your timers in one place, simply and easily. One-time notifications, custom alerts, and over 80 unique alarms make this a valuable kitchen aid. Kind of like your KitchenAid.
  • Weber's On the Grill™
    Weber-Stephen Products Co.
    You like to grill? Well, quit wasting everyone's time and get those charcoal briquettes going and glowing with tons of ideas from the experts at Weber. I'll have two veggie skewers, and my steak should be medium well. Now, what channel is that game on?