If you need to keep a good Yoga routine, but do not have time for classes then the iPad can be a great friend. The iPad has access to tons of great Yoga apps. This AppGuide will help you find the best one for your needs ...
Essential Apps
  • All-in YOGA HD: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes
    All In Yoga is the app to get if you are wanting to do yoga with your iPad. The app includes over 200 poses that come with detailed written instructions, photos, videos, and male voice guidance. The app also comes with yoga music to help you work out more efficiently. The app also comes with over 25 different yoga exercise programs for both beginners and more advanced users. The app also helps you pick out the best program to fit your fitness level through a special algorithm. The app also allows you to create your own Yoga program. The app is very easy to use and operate and an absolute essential for anyone wanting to do yoga with their iPad.
Notable Apps
  • Pocket Yoga HD
    Rainfrog, LLC
    Pocket Yoga HD provides a nice alternative to All In Yoga. The app includes 27 different sessions. These are made up by three different difficulties, three different practices, and three different durations. The app was created with the school of Gala Flow Yoga in mind. The app contains detailed voice and visual instructions for each pose. The app has over 145 images to help you pose correctly. Each of the practices were created by experienced yoga instructors. The app also allows you to play your own music instead of the standard yoga music that comes with the app. The biggest feature that this app has is video output support. You can now hook your iPad up to the big screen to be guided through each yoga session! The app provides a nice alternative to All In Yoga. The flexibility and depth of All In Yoga make it the essential app and this a notable app.
  • Yoga Library for iPad
    Pocket Cocktails Inc.
    Yoga Library was created by a team of 20 different writers, editors, artists, and models. The app includes a huge amount of content. The app contains almost 300 pages of content with over 500 photographs. The app includes over 100 of the most popular yoga poses with detailed instructions. The app also includes over 100 yoga cards (showing before and after yoga poses), a visual table of contents, search capabilities, and much more. Even though the app contains this much great content the accessibility is what keeps it as simply a notable app. The interface and ease of use are far beyond All In Yoga. The app is still a great resource to have, but nothing like the essential app.
Decent Apps
  • Desk Yoga
    Capital Yoga Publishing Corp
    Desk Yoga is an app helpful to those that need to do yoga at work. The app provides 10 stretches that can be done while sitting at your desk. The app provides an image for each stretch. The stretches are simple enough to understand without videos or detailed written text. The app is only $0.99 and is a great complement to All In Yoga.
  • Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra for iPad
    Signal Patterns
    Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra is not a very good iPad app. The app will gain popularity through the branding of Deepak Chopra. The quality of the app is not at all in the same league as the person it is named after. The app includes poses and videos for both beginners and more experienced yoga practicers. The app also includes video lessons by Tara on topics such as strength/flexibility and relieving stress. The app does not contain nearly enough content. All of the videos require you to download them each and every time you want to view them. The app simply put is poorly executed and does not provide a good yoga experience.
Other Apps