Love to create, collect or research? This AppList has you covered! If you have a hobby you are passionate about, or are you looking for a new hobby to try, your iPad is ready to help! We searched through the app store to find the best apps for a wide range of household hobbies and then tested them out. From collecting stamps, metalsmith jewelry making, and gardening to knitting - this AppList will inspire you and help you make the most of free time!

  • Novel in 30
    PT Software Solutions
    For aspiring writers, creating an entire novel is a daunting task. It is far too easy to get distracted by trying to perfect work as you write, instead of just hammering out your first draft. Novel in 30 encourages writers to simply focus on the draft and meeting a word count goal. The interface is inspiring and simple. There is an opening screen with a quote or encouraging passage to set the proper writing mood and from there you are encouraged to set your writing goals. Set the time frame that you wish to complete your novel in and the application will then calculate how many words you need to write a day in order to achieve your task. As you write, Novel in 30 keeps track of your word count so all you need to focus on is getting the words written. We love how this app gently encourages writers to push forward and keep going, even if they have fallen short of their goal on a particular day.
  • PCGS Photograde HD
    Coin Collectors will love using this FREE coin grading app! PCGS Photograde HD features over 1,600 high-resolution images of actual graded coins. Using these images to compare, even a novice collector will be able to accurately grade the condition of their coins. Each of the 82 popular coin sets features at least 20 grades. The menus are easy to navigate. PCGS Photograde is a must-have app for anyone who loves coins. Did we mention that is was FREE?
  • Garden Guide HD
    El Nudo Molesto
    Do you love to garden? Want to know what the best plant choices are for a fall bloom or spring vegetable garden in your climate? Garden Guide HD is here to help. Image-rich and easy to navigate, Garden Guide HD features a friendly book-type interface and is loaded with information on cultivation and care of over 1,200 plant species. Categories of plants range from ground covers to fruits and flowers. Plan your garden with confidence using this great resource app!
  • Genealogy Gems – Your Family History Show
    Wizzard Media
    As more and more old records are added to the internet, researching your family history has never been easier or more fun. This App, The Genealogy Gems Podcast- Your Family History Show, is a great resource for both amateur and professional Genealogists. It features streaming of the Genealogy Gems podcast as well as show notes and bonus material such as PDF files and images. The podcasts are loaded with tips, links and information that truly are "gems" for researchers. The interface is easy to use and the type and controls are larger, making this application ideal even for older users. For those into Genealogy, The Genealogy Gems Podcast - Your Family History Show, is a must-have app.
  • Cross Stitch HD
    John Bley
    When doing cross stitch work, having a pattern with an interactive counting interface is ideal. The pattern is even more useful if the floss color is noted on each square. Cross Stitch HD is the ultimate interactive pattern tool for the iPad. The pattern allows the user to enlarge the stitching area, count, and know the floss color at a glance. To help keep track of color changes, one click will highlight all the same color floss. The patterns are fairly basic which is ideal for new cross stitchers. One hundred sample patterns are included, and the developers are continuing to improve Cross Stitch HD by incorporating user suggestions.
  • MyStamps
    Stamp Collecting has been around since the first postal stamps were issued in 1840. To collectors, stamps are historic works of art. With MyStamps, collectors can catalog, organize, sort and keep track of even the most extensive stamp collection. For large collections, this app allows import of Excel spreadsheets. Each stamp can have an image and a variety of searchable data can be added such as country, denomination, year, or collection. MyStamps is a perfect way for you to take your collection with you anywhere!
  • The Civil War Today
    A&E Television Networks Mobile
    If you are an American History buff, then this app will rock your world. The Civil War Today is a unique app that allows you to relive the Civil War on a day to day basis using actual historical documentation. Each day, over the next several months, this application updates itself to the newspaper that was published that day and features links to the daily entry of personal diaries. Vintage photographs update to their appropriate time. If you miss a day it is easy to just scroll back to the beginning. This app truly brings the history of the Civil War to life.
  • Knitting & Crocheting HD
    Pocket Cocktails Inc.
    Have you always wanted to knit? Do you need inspiration on your next crocheting project? Knitting & Crocheting HD is exactly what you need. Packed full of informative articles, instructions and ideas, this app has enough information and beautiful photography to appease both the hardcore knitter and the novice who has never held a hook or needles. While testing it out, I found that it appealed to all age groups from senior citizens to elementary aged children who could not put it down. After looking at several different apps, Knitting & Crocheting HD was the hands-down winner based on ease of use, content, and design for knitting and crochet.
  • Calligraphy Art
    Nguyen Tan Hon-Hu
    Have you ever wanted to learn the art of Calligraphy? Do you want to practice your pen strokes? Calligraphy Art is a beautiful and functional app that will teach you how to create graceful lettering in traditional calligraphy style or help you perfect your letter art. This app stands out from others because of the way that the virtual pens perfectly mimic their real counterparts. Each of the 8 ink pens can be resized and tilted at over 24 different angles. Four brushes are included, with color palette options. The included exercises are both western alphabet and Chinese words. The paper choices are beautiful and finished work can be sent by email or printed via the iPad photo gallery. This application almost has a Zen quality, and is as relaxing to use as it is educational.
  • ArtRage
    Ambient Design Ltd.
    While there are a lot of apps out there to create art, ArtRage stands out from the rest because the mediums interact like real paint, ink and pencil. The paint pigments blend, the watercolor mixes with other layers. All the interactions can be controlled in settings, allowing maximum versatility. It is intuitive and easy to use once the controls have been explored. Export in layer form to the Art Rage desktop application is a fantastic feature for those who want to work on a larger scale. Finished work can also be sent to the iPad photo gallery or emailed. For those who love to paint and draw, ArtRage is the ultimate application.
  • iFontMaker
    Eiji Nishidai
    Have you ever wished for a particular type of font but could not find it? Do you love the idea of making your personal writing style into a font? iFontMaker allows you to draw out your own complete font set and save it for actual use on your computer. There are many pen styles to choose from to inspire creativity. In testing this app, we were able to complete a font set in 25 minutes. From there we used the application to upload it privately to the iFont web site where we were able to easily download and install the font on our desktop computer.
  • Skrappy - Scrapbook & Photo Album for Digital Scrapbooking
    Riada International Pty. Ltd.
    Skrappy is the ultimate digital scrapbooking app. In testing, we found that creating beautiful scrapbook pages was intuitive, easy and addictive. Skrappy is designed so that users can explore a tutorial or dive right in. It has six templates to start you off or the ability to create from a blank page. When creating the pages, images and clipart are automatically placed on layers so they can be moved, resized and shifted with ease. Though some clipart is included, Skrappy has an in-app browser to download more directly to the page. A generous selection of fonts and styles are included as well as shapes. Skrappy allows in-app recording of voice memos and inserting video clips to enhance the memory page. Imagine opening your scrapbook and seeing your child blow out birthday candles while you hear the grandparents singing! Once created, a scrapbook can be locked and shown right on the iPad. Alternately you can print, email as a PDF or upload to iTunes. Voice memos and video are lost in PDF format, but if saved in Skrappy format, all the data is saved with the exception of copyrighted iTunes songs.
  • iMakeJewelry
    Spiral Publications
    Successful metalsmith work and jewelry making requires planning and calculation. iMakeJewelry is the ultimate tool for the home metalsmith, providing calculation tools and even live metal prices. Because of its unmatched functionality, this universal app made our list. Want to know how much silver you will need for your project? Just input the measurements and this app will tell you. Calculation tools include: Alloys Metal to Metal Weight Quick Pricing Ring Blank Length Rolled Sheet Expansion Sheet Weight Wax to Metal Wire Weight and Drawing Also included are helpful tips from professional jewelry artist Victoria Lansford. For those just entering into jewelry making, this application will ease the learning process.
  • Instant Poetry HD
    Razeware LLC
    Remember the fun magnetic poetry kits for your refrigerator door? Instant Poetry uses a similar format of arranging words to create and takes it to a whole new inspirational level. For ambiance, the background can be changed to any image in your photo gallery or for iPad 2 users, a photo can be taken. Choose word themes such as love or sadness to aid in expression. Several fonts are included so that the text can match the mood of the poem. Poetry can be shared on Facebook or emailed so the world can see your work. This app is an addictive outlet of expression with a high rating in the app store.
  • Easy Origami HD LITE
    Portable Monster LLC
    Origami started out in first century China as a hobby of the wealthy. It soon spread across to Japan. Today origami is practiced all over the world. Easy Origami Fun is a step-by-step app showing how to create intricate folded paper objects with ease. The lite version has 5 complete projects and is a great way to see if origami is your passion. One of the best features of Easy Origami Fun is the ability to email colorful paper and print it out to use on the projects and each project has a designed paper that accentuates the finished art.