Have you joined the social networking craze?

It seems like everyone you've ever known is either on Facebook or married to/dating/hanging out with someone who is addicted to the website. Of course there are those who stand defiant in the face of social networking (I'm married to someone who refuses to get an account) but most of us have jumped on the bandwagon full of friends, acquaintances and former coworkers. However, the role of Facebook in our society is changing - it has become more than a place to keep up with friends, now many people depend on Facebook for their daily news. If you enjoy Facebook and have an online account, then pop on over to the Apple store and get the free Facebook Mobile app by Facebook, Inc. for your iPhone or iPad.

What makes the Facebook app stand-out? Well, it's super easy to use since it's really stayed true to the desktop website. You can sort your news feed by Top Stories or Most Recent. If you've allowed for your phone's GPS device to locate you, Facebook's "Check In" feature is a snap. You can also add photos directly from your phone's Camera Roll, so you can instantly share any moment with a few simple taps.

Perhaps the best part of the app is the most fundamental and obvious: it's mobile. Having the app on your phone or iPad means you can easily check-in with friends, look at pictures or share your own news from anywhere at any moment. This means that you can start a chat on your phone, look up a phone number and keep up with friends while you're out and about. Simply tap on the list icon on the upper left-hand side of the screen and choose your destination: New Feed, Messages, Nearby, Events, Friends, Chat, etc.

If you're like me, you might see Facebook as a little entertainment – a tool for procrastination or leisure. I even have a rule that I only look at Facebook on my iPhone or iPad – otherwise I find I can get too enthralled in the articles, photo albums and games which means time runs away from me. With the Facebook Mobile app, I get my fill whilst in waiting rooms, during commercial breaks and on the bus. Okay, and usually while I'm waiting for my coffee to brew. And maybe during lunch, too.

This is not an app for someone who likes their solitude and couldn't care less about an old high school friend's baby or dinner plans. If you are on the go and still want to stay connected with your friends, then definitely add Facebook Mobile to your arsenal of apps.