Your iPad can be a great tool to track your weight. Many apps can display nice graphs to showcase your progress. There are even Wi-Fi scales that can enter the info for you. We compare the best options for iPad users in this AppGuide.
Essential Apps
  • WiScale
    WiScale works best for those with the Withings Wi-Fi scale. We found this to be the best option for those with or without this scale. For those with the scale your data will be automatically added to this app. For those without it, you can add the data manually. For a free app you get some awesome functionality. The app will create a graph of your weight, which can also be displayed in a spreadsheet. Those that want to keep their data private can passcode lock the app. If you share an iPad you can share this app. You can add multiple user accounts to this app. Your data is kept safe on the Withings servers, which makes using this app on your iPhone an easy thing too. Once you set up your app, an automatic sync keeps your data accurate everywhere. The interface is fun to use and natural on the iPad. WiScale is the essential weight tracking app for the iPad.
Notable Apps
  • Monitor Your Weight HD
    Husain Al-Bustan
    Monitor Your Weight HD is a free app that is fun to use. The main screen looks like a scale that you update with your current weight. You can view a graph of your weight and a history for those that just want the data points. You can have multiple users and pin codes for added protection. Many users are having problems with the PIN code, so we would recommend not enabling that feature until a software update is pushed out. Export is also available via email. If you are looking for a nice alternative to the essential app, this may be it.
  • Weight+Bmi Watcher 2 (iPad-version)
    Michael Heinz
    Weight+Bmi Watcher 2 (iPad-version) is another alternative to WiScale. You don't get that seamless wireless sync that the essential app has, but you do get a pretty good app designed especially for the iPad. Just like the essential app, this one will display BMI, body fat, and other stats about your progress. The app will back up your data through an online service and allow exporting via CVS or PDF formats. If you are not a fan of WiScale, you may want to give this one a try.
  • iWatchr (for iPad)
    Those that not only want to track their weight but also food intake should consider iWatchr. This $1.99 app has a great interface, and includes some great graphing. The app is optimized for both American and international users by providing different calculators. The standard stats such as BMI are included in this app. For $1.99, you get a pretty decent food tracker and weight watching app for your iPad.
Decent Apps
  • iGoal - Weight Advisor
    Anatoly Butko
    Weight Advisor - iGoal is another option for iPad and iPhone users. This $1.99 universal app has a nice design and provides some nice features. The essential app does pretty much everything this one does, and is free! We find no reason to spend your money on this one, especially when there are better free options.
  • A+ Weight Tracker - Track Your Weight and BMI in Style
    Vita Stone Ltd.
    A+ Weight Tracker is an even pricier option at $2.99. Once again there is nothing in this app that stands out. The universal app feels more like a blown up iPhone app. There has been no true rethinking of the app for the iPad. It is good to see the app is continuing to be updated, but it still has a ways to go.
Other Apps