Have you met our Mobile Gurus, D-Rob and Sol, yet?

Check out the video below to meet David Robinon and Sol Lipman, our in-house experts when it comes to mobile devices. Both gents work at AOL on the Mobile Team: Sol's team builds apps in-house and D-Rob's team designs those very apps. You can see some of their work by clicking AOL Apps button up above.

These guys live and breathe Mobile. Constantly testing out new devices and installing new apps, D-Rob and Sol are our go-to guys whenever there'e a question. In fact, they are asked about devices, products, accessories and apps so frequently, they thought they'd put together a show where they can answer your questions. Hit them with anything: iPhone and iPad questions to Android or Kindle Fire queries and everything in-between. Need to know about apps to entertain your two year old? Don't let D-Rob's tattoos fool you - both are fathers to young children and have you covered. Need tips to record your latest tunes using your iPad? These Mobile Gurus are musically-minded and can help.

No question is silly nor too small and they'll do their homework if you hit them with a doozy. They welcome doozies. So please tell them what you need to know simply by clicking the Submit a Question button above and we'll see you next time on The D-Rob and Sol Show.