Sometimes you stumble upon a picture online worth saving and since our phones are always with us, this is bound to happen when you're surfing the mobile web. Perhaps it's an image of something funny you need to share with your spouse or a pair of shoes you need to show your girlfriends. The good news is that it's super easy to save a photo from a website on your iPhone - you don't have to wait until you can use a laptop or desktop computer.

When you're in Safari and you want to save an image, just press down on the image until a pop-up screen appears. You'll be prompted to save the picture (among other things - you can even make that picture your wallpaper!). The image will be added to your Camera Roll or Pictures so you can always find it.

You can email the photo as well as share that image via text or even social networks. With a few simple taps you can ask all your girlfriends if you should buy those shoes or send your spouse a comical picture to brighten their day. Or you can make the background image of your iPhone lovely to look at by saving a sweet picture of giraffes at sunset as your wallpaper. The options are endless!