Our iPhones multitask for us all the time. Have you ever found yourself entertaining your toddler while also waiting for an important call? Or maybe you are in the middle of an intense game of Angry Birds, and an interruption would set you back to the previous level you worked so hard to beat. No worries- the call forward option allows you to reroute all incoming calls to another line, a house phone or your spouse's cell perhaps.

To forward calls, go to the settings icon from your home screen. From there, choose 'phone' and then 'call forwarding'. Select 'on' and type in the number you want calls forwarded to. A blue phone and arrow icon will appear at the top of your screen, which will remain until you turn the option off.

Now, you can multi-task just like your phone. You can keep your little one occupied so you can catch up with an old friend. Just don't forget turn off call forwarding, or you will wonder why everyone suddenly stopped calling.

Images courtesy of Sarah Corle