Our iPhones and iPads work hard for us even when we don't necessarily need them to. This is great until we desperately need directions from the maps app and the '10% battery' threat invades the screen.

To avoid the slow leak of battery life that occurs when you are not paying attention, make these small adjustments:

Exit all apps that are running in the background
Returning to the home screen does not close an app completely. To see which apps are still running, double click the round home button and a new row will appear along the bottom of the screen. Press and hold one of the app icons until they begin to wiggle and a " – "appears on each. Press the minus symbol to close.

Make sure the screen locks quickly
Go to Settings>General>Auto-Lock and set your device to lock in the least amount of time.

Disable 3G when you have Wi-Fi or aren't using data
Go to Settings>General>Network and switch 'Enable 3G' off.

Reduce the screen brightness
Go to Setting>Brightness and Wallpaper and dim the screen to 30%.

Keep your device out of the sun
Heat will cause a battery to die faster than any other factor. Keeping your device in cool to normal temperatures will avoid permanent battery damage.

Images courtesy of Brighthub.com