With so many fun, useful and informative apps available for your iPhone or iPad, it's all too easy to goon an app store binge. It's not much of a problem until you try to actually use one of your new downloads and find yourself lost in jumble of on-screen icons.

What should you do when your device seems overrun by anarchic apps? You need to get organized, and fortunately rearranging your iPhone and iPad apps is really easy.

To move an app, tap and hold any of the app icons on your home screen until they all begin to wiggle. "Wiggle mode" means they are ready to be moved. Now, tap and drag the app you want to move. The others will adjust accordingly. To move an app to another page, simply drag the icon in the direction of that page. Drag it far enough that half the icon is no longer visible and hold. The screen will shift to the next page. Once, you are finished, press your device's home button to end wiggle mode.

You can also organize your apps into groups. Follow the same directions to get into wiggle mode then move one app icon on top of another that you want to group it with. They will now appear in a single box and you can give this group a useful category name. Add as many apps as you want by dragging them over to your new category.

It just takes a few minutes to make your iPhone or iPad even more suited to your needs. Get wiggling.