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Manage Your Contacts On The Go

Ever needed to call someone while you're on the road, but the contact is on your desktop address book? Do you hate to log into various places just to access specific contacts? That's so inconvenient! We'd like to introduce you to AOL Sync. It will allow you to synchronize your contacts and events from multiple devices and applications so that you can access it all no matter where you are.

Why We Think You Should Try AOL Sync Today:

You'll have all of your contacts available anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can keep all of your data in sync no matter where you are.

Here's How To Get AOL Sync On Your Phone:

In your web browser, go to AOL Sync by entering: and follow the simple steps to download and install AOL Sync on your phone.

AOL Mobile services may require a wireless data plan and charges from your wireless carrier may apply. Not all AOL Mobile services are available on all wireless carriers or on all wireless devices. Check with your wireless carrier to confirm that product use is consistent with your carrier's Terms of Service.




  • Supports syncing of contacts for Android
  • True wireless sync
  • Support of over 2,000 devices
  • Supports syncing with Outlook and other desktop applications