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Google pushes Android Wear 2.0 back to early 2017

If you're champing at the bit waiting for your chance to try Android Wear 2.0 this fall, you're about to be disappointed. As part of the launch of a third Developer Preview, Google has revealed that t...

AOL's Alto Dashboard is a daily organizer for your email

In this era of texting and instant messaging you might not be emailing many long, heartfelt letters to your best friend from college. I certainly don't. But I'm still drowning in a sea of less persona...

Wireless Emergency Alerts are about to get more detailed

The FCC has voted to strengthen the Wireless Emergency Alerts system, which sends warnings about missing children, natural disasters and other dangerous events directly to citizens' cell phones. The n...

Ask, and Siri will make Skype calls for you

When Skype updates on desktop and gives the "improving your experience" message it's usually pretty easy to dismiss that as a bald-faced lie. But the latest iOS update actually sounds really useful. T...

Lose It app promises to log your meal just by taking its photo

Keeping track of what you eat has proved to be pretty effective at aiding weight loss. Studies show that food diaries not only help people manage their daily caloric intake, but also be generally more...