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Korean Go body to ban smartphones thanks to Google's AI

South Korean Go players will be banned from using smartphones during official tournaments in the future, and it's all thanks to Google's AlphaGo AI. The Korea Times reports that the Korea Baduk Associ...

The Engadget Podcast Ep 25: Black Hole Sun

Senior editor Chris Velazco, reviews editor Cherlynn Low and Social Media Editor Mallory Johns join host Devindra Hardawar to chat about the biggest stories of the week, including HTC U Ultra phone, w...

Matterport brings its Virtual Reality Spaces to the iPhone

iPhone users who love exploring the world from the comfort of their couches have a new app to download: Matterport. The Google Street View rival has brought its virtual reality tours of various real-w...

Google is putting legacy Drive apps out to pasture

Google will completely shut down the older versions of Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides for both Android and iOS on April 3rd. People don't even have that long until they can no longer use them, though:...

Donald Trump trades in his Android for a 'secure' device

On the last day before President Barack Obama leaves the White House, the New York Times and Associated Press report Donald Trump has traded in his Android smartphone. The device (which a profile last...