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    Android Pay is coming to hundreds of thousands more websites

    Android Pay will already let you know where it works in the real world, but soon it will be available at hundreds of thousands more places online. Thanks to new partnerships with Visa and Mastercard, ...

    'Pokémon Go' offering spooky bonuses for Halloween

    If there's one thing our (fictional) mom always told us, it's that we shouldn't go out walking at night with our smartphone on show. The folks at Niantic Labs feel differently, and think that poorly l...

    Apple releases iOS 10.1, adds Portrait mode to the iPhone 7 Plus

    The Portrait mode for Apple's iPhone 7 Plus has been in the works for months, and now it's ready for the masses... sort of. People with the 7 Plus who are running beta software have been able to shoot...

    You can still buy the Note 7 in Hong Kong, but you shouldn't

    Hong Kong's Sincere Podium is home to all manner of mobile devices -- be it second-hand phones, imported handsets (mainly from Japan and Korea), spare parts and even prototypes once in a while. This t...

    NBA gives you a better view of games on your phone

    Just because you can watch live sports on your phone doesn't mean you'll enjoy it -- the footage is usually optimized for TV, which sometimes means staring at players the size of ants. You won't have ...