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The Best Book Apps for iPad

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    Xiaomi's Mi MIX is all about its gorgeous edge-to-edge display

    We're used to surprise announcements at Xiaomi events, but this time, it's a rather special one. After showing off the Mi Note 2, the company unveiled the Mi MIX "concept phone" -- one that's headlini...

    AT&T's online-only DirecTV service will cost $35 a month

    It's been just a few days since AT&T announced that it would be buying Time Warner for $85.4 billion. Now Time Warner CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes and AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson are on stage at WSJD Live to...

    Bixi adds gesture controls to iOS and Android devices

    We can think of more than one situation when you wouldn't want to touch your phone because of what's on your hands. Imagine needing to quickly consult a recipe on your tablet when your fingers are cov...

    What to expect from Apple's 'Hello Again' event

    Apple is sneaking in one more big product unveiling before 2016 comes to a close, and expectations for new Macs are running high. And how couldn't they be? Aside from last year's iMacs and the 12-inch...

    Tesco trials receipts sent directly to your smartphone

    Some receipts are just about worth keeping -- you may have second thoughts on the fit of those new jeans, after all -- but the scrolls you receive at supermarket checkouts are basically just paper was...