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The Best Book Apps for iPad

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    Ask, and Siri will make Skype calls for you

    When Skype updates on desktop and gives the "improving your experience" message it's usually pretty easy to dismiss that as a bald-faced lie. But the latest iOS update actually sounds really useful. T...

    Lose It app promises to log your meal just by taking its photo

    Keeping track of what you eat has proved to be pretty effective at aiding weight loss. Studies show that food diaries not only help people manage their daily caloric intake, but also be generally more...

    Pacemaker's shareable, editable 'mixtapes' make everyone a DJ

    Ever since the original Pacemaker DJ device in 2008, the Swedish team has been rethinking how we mix music. Today, Pacemaker's iOS app gets an overhaul that drags the mixtape well and truly into 2016....

    Meerkat team confirms it created the mysterious Houseparty app

    Those rumors of Meerkat's creators quietly developing a group video chat app, Houseparty, were well-founded. The company (actually called Life on Air) has confirmed to The Verge that it built Housepar...

    GoTenna's new communicator crowd sources for a better signal

    If you're a fan of exploring the great outdoors, especially in areas of devoid of cell service, you may have already sought out a GoTenna. These walkie-talkie-like enablers pair with your mobile devic...