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Movie Games For The iPad

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    Google Hangouts adds emoticon shortcuts for easy table-flipping

    The latest version of Google Hangouts for Android (and the Chrome extension for Windows) adds something clever to your chatting experience: 20 new hidden emoticon shortcuts so you can properly express...

    Recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7s can be charged to 80 percent (updated)

    If you've failed to heed the warnings of Samsung and government regulators, it looks like you can now charge those recalled Note 7 batteries to 80 percent. The phones were recalled globally earlier th...

    Uber brings safety selfies to the US

    Uber's security chief is worried about safety on Uber rides, specifically about making sure that your driver is who they say they are. That's why Joe Sullivan has announced that the firm is bringing i...

    Apple Watch Series 2 review (as written by a marathoner)

    When the Apple Watch first came out last year, Engadget published not one but two reviews. There was the "official" review, which provided an overview of the device's features and, more important, att...

    Brits, say Allo to Google's new messaging app

    You might think that between your family thread on Facebook Messenger, your various friend groups on WhatsApp, and the trusted text a few acquaintances still insist on using, you've got all possible l...