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Lose Weight With your iPad\'s help

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    Kodak revives its Ektra brand with a camera-centric smartphone

    Kodak is a brand with history, but little relevance in the modern photographic world. The company battled through bankruptcy in 2013, refusing to give up as its film business was superseded by digital...

    Good luck buying a 128GB Pixel XL at Verizon tomorrow

    Pre-order, pre-order, pre-order. While doing so with video games is basically pointless these days (the chances of a huge AAA title not being readily available at launch are slim), plopping down money...

    Samsung blocks video of 'GTA V' Galaxy Note 7 bomb mod

    Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 has been the butt of its fair share of internet jokes since it started exploding in September, but it's hard to surpass what one Grand Theft Auto V modder did when he turned th...

    eBay teams up with Facebook Messenger to launch shopping bot

    Bots are one of the big buzzwords of 2016; Google, Microsoft and Facebook have all made them major parts of their strategy this year. Yes, they might not all be panning out quite as planned, but that ...

    LeEco shows off its LeSee Pro autonomous vehicle in San Francisco

    While most of the news coming from LeEco's event in San Francisco was about new TVs and phones, the company's CEO, YT Jia made a point to show off his company's desire to become not just a consumer el...