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    LG's Nexus-like Android Wear watches emerge in a leak

    For months, rumors have circulated of Google formally launching Android Wear 2.0 with a pair of flagship smartwatches -- not Google-designed, but certainly intended as reference models like Nexus phon...

    AT&T no longer works with your 2G phone

    We hope you weren't planning to use your old-school iPhone or BlackBerry Pearl on AT&T's network for nostalgia's sake -- unfortunately, you're not going to get anywhere. As promised way back in 2012, ...

    Burner's virtual phone lines add automatic robocall blocking

    When it debuted in 2012, Burner's virtual phone number app promised to help privacy-minded folks shield their private digits with temporary phone numbers while adding a few useful cloud-based integrat...

    Google Maps may soon offer parking suggestions

    Google Maps can already tell you how congested your drive will be, but how about when you arrive? It looks like the app is about to give you at least a decent idea about the parking situation, thanks ...

    Realtor.com uses augmented reality to help you find a new home

    When it comes to looking for a new house, the process of browsing listings, visiting properties and more can become quite the chore. Realtor.com is looking to make things a bit easier on prospective h...