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    'Super Mario Run' won't work offline due to piracy concerns

    Super Mario Run doesn't arrive for another few days, but when it does, you'll need a constant internet connection to play the game. In an interview with Mashable, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed...

    TSMC plans a new factory to pump out tomorrow's 3 nm chips

    News leaked in late August that chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) and Apple were working shrinking the A11 processor set to go in next year's iPhone down to 10nm. But to ensure it...

    AT&T will finally refund $88 million in unauthorized charges

    Thanks to some shady business dealings between AT&T and a pair of companies known for bloating customers' cell phone bills, roughly 2.7 million current and former AT&T mobile subscribers are getting m...

    Google opens up its Assistant actions to developers

    When Google first unveiled its Assistant earlier this year, the service seemed to have quite a lot of potential. Unfortunately, in our testing of the company's new Home speaker and Pixel smartphones, ...

    Starbucks locations are now 'Pokémon Go' Gyms or Pokéstops

    We knew a Starbucks collaboration with Pokémon Go was on the way, but now it's official. Niantic, the developer of the massively popular augmented reality game, revealed today that around 7,800 Starb...