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    Facebook Live gets spooky face filters for Halloween

    Should Facebook dress as Snapchat for Halloween? The company has unveiled new Facebook Live masks for the spooky soiree with an eerie resemblance to those from its social media rival. To don them, you...

    Spam texts could help solve a Canadian murder case

    If you own a mobile phone, chances are that you've received at least one spam text message. Normally, an unscrupulous company is trying to hawk its financial services or help you save money on a pair ...

    Qualcomm just announced the biggest chip acquisition ever

    The smartphone world is starting to slow, and the companies that make the chips that go inside them are teaming up to stave off dwindling profits. Perhaps that's why Qualcomm today announced that it's...

    LG would make more money if it wasn't for smartphones

    You know it's bad when your mobile business gets trounced by the rival that sold a smartphone that actually blew up in its customers pockets. That's the situation over at LG, whose mobile communicatio...

    Samsung profits dip 30 percent due to exploding Note 7s

    The world's largest smartphone maker's profits plunged 30 percent due an exploding flagship model. Samsung's operating profit for the third quarter was $4.6 billion, down from $6.4 million the quarter...