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    Apple Watch Series 2 review (as written by a marathoner)

    When the Apple Watch first came out last year, Engadget published not one but two reviews. There was the "official" review, which provided an overview of the device's features and, more important, att...

    Brits, say Allo to Google's new messaging app

    You might think that between your family thread on Facebook Messenger, your various friend groups on WhatsApp, and the trusted text a few acquaintances still insist on using, you've got all possible l...

    Samsung already exchanged half of recalled Galaxy Note 7s

    A lot of Note 7 owners don't have to sleep with one eye open anymore, according to Samsung's latest press release. The company says it has already exchanged half of the Galaxy Note 7s sold in the US t...

    Google opens Daydream VR platform to developers

    From its debut at Google I/O, Daydream seemed like a much more ambitious smartphone-based VR software platform than the earlier Cardboard system. The countdown clock for the former's public release be...

    Sony's Xperia XZ arrives in the US October 2nd for $700

    Sony debuted its latest handsets back at IFA and now the duo will soon debut in the US. The flagship Xperia XZ is slated to arrive October 2nd at Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers. Priced at $700 u...