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    Samsung can't use in-box warranty to kill Galaxy S4 lawsuit

    Oh Samsung. When the company isn't busy recalling cellphones and washing machines for being safety hazards, it's busy fighting its customers in court. In 2015, Daniel Norcia contended that he was misl...

    The Vine Archive will keep the videos looping forever

    Vine won't be going away after all. The six-second video service that gave the world "on fleek" and an enthusiastic community of homegrown celebrities will live on in the Vine Archive, a time capsule ...

    Giuliani as Trump's cybersecurity adviser is an unfunny joke

    I had just finished hacking the Gibson when I heard the news: Rudy Giuliani, the guy who said he was gonna solve cybersecurity, had just been named Trump's cyber advisor. I hopped onto our hacker mafi...

    Apple sues Qualcomm for $1 billion in royalty dispute

    Apple has filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Qualcomm, claiming that for many years, the chip manufacturer has "unfairly insisted on charging royalties for technologies they have nothing to do with," ...

    The Meitu selfie app unlocks your anime beauty and personal data

    There's a price for the beauty that comes from the Chinese selfie app that's been flooding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with glowing (with a twist of anime) renditions of your friends: It's data....