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The Best Book Apps for iPad

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    Intel's new chips are for smart cars and the Internet of Things

    Intel has been investing in IoT for years, playing catch up to compete with companies like Qualcomm that got to the market early and saturated it with their chipsets. But a declining PC market pushed ...

    Facebook teases an app that makes live video look like fine art

    In an interview at WSJD Live, Facebook's Chief Product Officer Chris Cox showed off an interesting AI-powered app that makes live video look like the work of famous artists like Monet or Van Gogh. Cox...

    Delta's RFID luggage tracking system now includes a map view

    Delta's new RFID luggage tags rolled out earlier this year, making it harder for at least one airline to lose your bags. Now, just in time for the holiday travel rush, Delta has already upgraded their...

    Apple Pay transactions surge by 500 percent

    Mobile payments are all the rage among tech companies, but how successful have they been, really? Quite successful, if you ask Apple. While discussing its latest earnings, the Cupertino firm revealed ...

    Apple's iPhone sales keep falling

    Apple just announced financial results for its Q4 2016, and it marks the third straight quarter of declining revenues. The company pulled in revenues of $46.9 billion, down about 9 percent from one ye...