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    Google Pixel render shows off its software tweaks

    Along with its leak of the 4K Chromecast earlier today, VentureBeat is showing off this picture that it says is of Google's upcoming Pixel phone. Along with the larger Pixel XL, it's expected to be th...

    Google's Android/Chrome laptop may be a year away

    We've long heard rumors that Google may be merging its Chrome and Android operating systems into a laptop platform, and we're now getting more substantive reports that point to a Q3 2017 time frame fo...

    Run fast enough and Strava will give you free sneakers

    Strava is one of the few fitness apps that hasn't been bought by a sportswear company. Maybe that's why it's happy handing out footwear to anyone who can complete its "Back Half Challenge." The compet...

    Trump's nationwide Snapchat filter snipes at 'Crooked Hillary'

    Social networks have become an extremely important medium for getting younger generations engaged in politics, but they are also proving to be the perfect forum for playground tactics. Snapchat's loca...

    A 'Fruit Ninja' movie might really happen

    Now that the Angry Birds movie has proven to be a financial success, other studios want in on the mobile-games-as-movies trend. New Line Cinema has secured the rights to a Fruit Ninja movie already in...