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    Windows 10 Insiders can use Ink to draw on photos

    Microsoft is developing some cool new features for the Windows Ink Workspace, and Insiders are getting the first look. Insiders in the Fast ring who install the latest Windows 10 Preview for PC and Mo...

    There's an inactive one-handed keyboard hidden inside iOS code

    In these days of big iPhones, smaller-handed individuals have trouble typing up a storm on their iOS devices. However, since iOS 8 (at least), Apple has toyed with an edge-swipe activated one-hand key...

    Apple lawsuit reveals most chargers sold on Amazon are fake

    Apple has filed a lawsuit against Mobile Star LLC for manufacturing fake Apple chargers and cables and passing them off on Amazon as authentic goods. According to the details of the lawsuit posted by ...

    Galaxy Note 7 recall becomes a presidential punchline

    Samsung is having a tough time. The fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 is one the biggest blunders ever in tech and now President Obama is using it as a punchline....

    WikiLeaks dump reveals Obama's personal email address

    Hacked files published by WikiLeaks reveal that Barack Obama's personal email address in 2008, just before he secured the US presidency, was bobama@ameritech.net. The information comes via emails stol...