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The Best Book Apps for iPad

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    Apple Pay transactions surge by 500 percent

    Mobile payments are all the rage among tech companies, but how successful have they been, really? Quite successful, if you ask Apple. While discussing its latest earnings, the Cupertino firm revealed ...

    Apple's iPhone sales keep falling

    Apple just announced financial results for its Q4 2016, and it marks the third straight quarter of declining revenues. The company pulled in revenues of $46.9 billion, down about 9 percent from one ye...

    Apple chose BlackBerry's 'hood for its car OS project

    Apple may have put the brakes on plans to build its own self-driving car, but the company's plug-and-play, self-driving operating system is still moving forward, even if the team has been scaled back....

    Xiaomi's Mi MIX is all about its gorgeous edge-to-edge display

    We're used to surprise announcements at Xiaomi events, but this time, it's a rather special one. After showing off the Mi Note 2, the company unveiled the Mi MIX "concept phone" -- one that's headlini...

    AT&T's online-only DirecTV service will cost $35 a month

    It's been just a few days since AT&T announced that it would be buying Time Warner for $85.4 billion. Now Time Warner CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes and AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson are on stage at WSJD Live to...