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The Best Book Apps for iPad

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    Samsung Pay adds in-app coupon search for its anniversary

    Samsung Pay is celebrating its first year in America by launching a feature couponers would love. The Korean company has teamed up with the owner of Coupons.com to make redeeming discounts much easier...

    Apple will fix iOS 10's easier-to-crack device backups

    Apple has been big on strong encryption lately, but it's not immune to making missteps. Security researchers at Elcomsoft have discovered that iOS 10's local encrypted backups (that is, the ones you c...

    Pixel 2 joins the few Chromebooks that can run Android apps

    Prior to a few days ago, anyone wanting to run Android apps on their Chromebook had to be an early adopter. Google finally released a stable build of Chrome OS that included a Play store in beta that ...

    MLB's At Bat app now plays highlight videos on your lock screen

    With iOS 10, Apple has expanded its devices' 3D touch applications from gimmicky afterthoughts to quick feature accessibility. It's also opened up what kind of interactions are possible from the lock ...

    Galaxy Note 7 finally goes on sale in Europe on October 28th

    Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 was originally set to go on sale in Europe on September 2nd, but on that very day the launch was pulled and a global recall issued on account of their tendency to explode witho...