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The Best Book Apps for iPad

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    Twitter's identity crisis killed Vine

    Today, Twitter announced that it's effectively killing Vine, its short-form video service. Though you can still download and watch already-posted Vines, you won't be able to upload new six-second clip...

    T-Mobile offers unlocked Pixel owners a $325 credit

    While Verizon is the only carrier to offer Google's Pixel phones directly, T-Mobile has its own plan to tempt over Pixel owners: $325 credited towards their bill. That's half of the cost of the $650 3...

    You'll need a new cable to connect the MacBook Pro and iPhone 7

    Today, Apple unveiled brand new MacBook Pros with a dynamic Touch Bar and a quick (albeit forced) migration to USB-3 (AKA Thunderbolt). Of course, it's Apple's prerogative to continue to push its cust...

    The writing is on the wall for MacBook Air

    Apple hasn't updated the MacBook Air since 2015 and it's not going to any time soon. Instead, the company today phased out the $900, 11-inch MacBook Air. Only the $1,000, 13-inch MacBook Air remains a...

    Twitter is killing Vine

    Bad news for fans of the once-popular Vine video-sharing network. Its parent company Twitter announced today that it is killing the service's mobile app, meaning you can no longer create new clips. Th...