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    Apple delays AirPod launch beyond October

    We hope you weren't dead set on getting a pair of AirPods in the immediate future. Apple tells our TechCrunch colleagues that it's delaying the launch of its self-branded Bluetooth earbuds past their ...

    T-Mobile leaks new Windows 10 phone ahead of announcement

    T-Mobile accidentally leaked the newest Windows 10 phone, the Alcatel Idol 4S, ahead of the handset's official announcement during Microsoft's Surface event in New York City today. The handset-and-VR-...

    Alexa makes Amazon's new Fire HD 8 tablet even more useful

    With the Echo and Echo Dot, Amazon proved that its Alexa assistant -- and voice commands in general -- could actually be pretty helpful. But how will it fare on a device that isn't listening to you al...

    AT&T reportedly spies on its customers for government cash

    AT&T controls a big chunk of America's cellular infrastructure, and it turns out that it's been using that power for super-creepy purposes. The Daily Beast is reporting that the telco has essentially ...

    EE follows rivals by bundling broadband line rental prices

    When the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) introduced new legislation requiring UK ISPs and providers to be clearer with their broadband pricing earlier this year, some heeded the advice faster th...