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    Google Voice gets a long-overdue visual refresh

    Google Voice is undoubtably useful, but it has also been neglected for a long time. Fortunately, the rumors were true: Google just released a pretty major visual overhaul of Voice, and there are a han...

    Samsung will keep using the Galaxy Note brand

    Now that Samsung has pinpointed the suspected causes of the Galaxy Note 7's battery fires, there's one question on many people's minds: will the Galaxy Note brand carry on, or is it tarnished forever?...

    ZTE is learning crowdfunding requires a crowd

    A few days ago, ZTE's Jeff Yee posted a mea culpa on a company forum, explaining that his team had made a mistake. He was referring to Hawkeye, the culmination of the CSX project to design a smartphon...

    Every Chromebook released in 2017 will support Android apps

    You currently have to be picky about your choice of Chrome OS devices if you want to run Android apps, but you won't have to be quite so choosy going forward. Google has quietly mentioned that all Chr...

    Sprint buys a 33 percent stake in Tidal's music service (updated)

    Well, this was somewhat unexpected. Sprint just bought a 33 percent stake in Tidal, giving the carrier a significant (though not controlling) influence over Jay Z's streaming music service. They're no...