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    NBA gives you a better view of games on your phone

    Just because you can watch live sports on your phone doesn't mean you'll enjoy it -- the footage is usually optimized for TV, which sometimes means staring at players the size of ants. You won't have ...

    Vixole's Matrix shoe puts an active LED display on your feet

    Now that Nike's Back to the Future-inspired high tops exist, and the famous self-lacing tech has arrived on a consumer product, even footwear is beginning to get smarter. With a little crowdfunding he...

    Note 7 debacle forces Samsung to offer next-gen discounts in Korea

    In an effort to retain Galaxy Note 7 customers in South Korea, Samsung is offering a big discount on the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 models. The company will effectively offer 50 percent off ...

    Samsung's hurried Galaxy Note 7 recall doomed the phone

    You knew it was just a matter of time before some of the drama behind the death of the Galaxy Note 7 came to light, and what we're seeing isn't all that pretty. Wall Street Journal sources claim that ...

    After Math: Let's get nasty

    It's been quite the week for everything going to hell in a handbasket. This vicious election cycle is seriously stressing out half of Americans. Videogame voice actors are on strike, the cops are grow...