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Lose Weight With your iPad\'s help

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    What to expect from Apple's 'Hello Again' event

    Apple is sneaking in one more big product unveiling before 2016 comes to a close, and expectations for new Macs are running high. And how couldn't they be? Aside from last year's iMacs and the 12-inch...

    Tesco trials receipts sent directly to your smartphone

    Some receipts are just about worth keeping -- you may have second thoughts on the fit of those new jeans, after all -- but the scrolls you receive at supermarket checkouts are basically just paper was...

    WhatsApp is rolling out video calls on Android

    Whatsapp, the $19 billion app used by over a billion folks, may finally be ready to support video calls. As Android Police noticed, the feature now works for some Android users, even without an update...

    The Navdy is an $800 accessory that makes almost any car smart

    Not everyone can afford to replace their current whip just to get the latest automotive smart features. The aftermarket world has your back if you want to upgrade your stereo, but if you're looking fo...

    BlackBerry's third Android phone packs a fingerprint sensor

    BlackBerry has announced the DTEK60, the second in its range of Android smartphones manufactured by a third party. Like the DTEK50, the actual device has been put together by TCL, leaving BlackBerry w...